Sunday, November 11, 2012

Obama Voters

You Now Own It

On November 6, 2012, Obama Voters voted in enough numbers to re-elect Barack Obama to a second term. You have to give them credit they had a better turnout the vote machine. But, those voters probably do not understand that they "NOW OWN IT!!!"

What do I mean by owning it? That means that and every Obama Voter now "OWNS" all of the problems in this country such as High Unemployment, Anemic Economy, Four years of Trillion Dollar Deficts, Sixteen Trillion Dollar Debt, Obamacare, Coming Tax Increases, High Energy Costs, High Inflation, Broke Social Secruity, Broke Medicare, Future High Intrest Rates, and the erosion of our rights through Obamacare, EPA and the IRS to name a few. YES, you the "OBAMA VOTER" now owns all of those problems and more, "Lock, Stock and Barrel!"

You see back in 2008, we can kind of see where people can and did get swept up in all of the "Hope & Change, Yes We Can" hysteria and can forgive many of them for voting for this Obamanation and ignoring or didn't know that he was a Radical Socialist. But, for those who voted for Obama in 2012, there is more than enough evidence out there about his Radical Socialist past and all of the lies that have been told by him over the last three and half years. Lies about the Stimulas Package, Lies about Obamacare, Lies about Green Energy, Lies about Fast & Furious and Lies about Libya, Lies about Republicans to name a few and for that there is no forgiveness.

You see if those problems that I have listed do not get fixed or become vastly improved over the next four years it will not be Obama's fault or the Republicans fault. It will be YOURS!!! You the Obama Voter have put the Obama Noose around your neck because of your vote. The time for you to grow up has arrived.

You better pray to whatever Deity you believe in that the "Trap Door" does not open!

You are now accountable for what happens to the United States, each and every single one of you!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Virginia Patriots

We have had a very interesting week with the release of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots endorsements of George Allen for U.S. Senate from the Commonwealth of Virginia . This has created a firestorm that many of us expected. Anybody on that list who didn't want their name used or have changed their minds should contact the Allen Campaign and let them know. Hopefully the Allen Campaign will release another updated list soon because that is the right thing to do.

I would like to thank Sara James for her articles on the subject (Have You Paid Your Dues Tea Partiers) and Tom White for his excellent analysis of the issue (Fight For The Tea Party Vote). Coby Dillard is on the List and you can read Coby's response here (For George Allen).

I have listened to Allen, Radtke and Donner speak on the issues facing us and although I am endorsing George Allen at this time I can honestly say that if Jamie Radtke or Tim Donner were to win the Republican Nomination I would wholeheartedly support them in their campaign to defeat Tim Kaine and Obama's money! Can those opposing Allen say the same thing? I would hope so. I look forward to the Republican Debates.

I am also on the list by choice and I always find it amazing when people who claim to be leaders of Conservative Organizations insist on going out of their way to to humiliate, attack and ridicule people who are their natural allies just because they do not approve of the candidate they are endorsing. True Conservative Leaders build bridges to other Conservative groups. True Conservative Leaders try to persuade you to their point of view without relying on personal attacks. True Conservative Leaders will respect your decision weather they agree with your choice or not. Apparently some of these so called Leaders of Conservative Organizations have resorted to calling people like me Republican Stooges, Cogs in the Republican Machine (paraphrased), question our Conservatism and even our Patriotism. Just who in the HELL do you think you are? Who in the HELL died and made you King or Queen? I will endorse who I want when I want weather you like it or not! I do not tell you who you should support nor do I make judgments about your Conservatism and Patriotism based on who you support.

Although I have had some spirited discussions with a few of my fellow Conservatives I have NEVER questioned their Conservatism and especially their Patriotism. I also do not resort to personal attacks. If any of them thought that I was conducting personal attacks in some of our discussions please except my apologies.

I hope that the so called Leaders of these Conservative Groups will learn that you attract a lot more support with honey than with vinegar! Do not attack your Natural Allies.

Remember the TRUE Enemy out there are the Progressive Democrats and their defeat is JOB 1.

Tony Hall
Richmond Patriots

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Future and the Federal Budget

As we all know the United States Government couldn't balance their check book if their life depended on it. Wait! It does depend on it! Folks we have some very important decisions to make in the next year that will affect the rest of our lives. All of us!!!

Please watch the videos below for some very honest and informative insights into the challeges ahead!

We have to make progess for the sake of our country! Be sure to stress that with your Representive in the U.S. House of Representives and the U.S. Senate!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keep the Change!

Hank Williams Jr. was a guest On Fox & Friends on October 3, 2011, promoting a new CD of his fathers Hank Williams never before released songs when Bocephus was asked his opinion about the current political climate in the country. This is what was said.

As you saw Hank Williams Jr. used an analogy to describe a golf game between President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner as like having a golf game between Adolf Hitler and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now the Fox and Friends cast thought that Hank was comparing President Obama with Adolf Hitler. I think you saw that isn't what Hank was saying. I believe that Hank was trying to say that President Obama and Speaker Boehner had as much in common as Hitler and Netanyahu would and he has a point. Now let's not kid ourselves Hank DOES NOT like President Obama at all!

Well ESPN and ABC Sports got their panties in a wad over this and said they were pulling Hanks famous "Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!" song from the intro to the NFL Monday Night Football game. Hank in response told his manager that he is pulling his song from "Monday Night Football" and said to tell ESPN ADIOS!

To Hank Williams Jr. it is a First Amendment issue. He believes that he has every right to say what he wants anytime he feels like it and if you know Bocephus that's the way it is. Of course the opposite is true also. ESPN and ABC Sports has every right to pull the famous Monday Night Football intro if that's what they want to do. It is their network. But from a Public Relations point of view I think ole Hank Jr. may come out on the best end of that stick. Do you think that was the end of it? Not hardly!

Hank took to the studio to let the world know how he feels about the whole mess the best way he knows how.

You Give Em Hell Hank!!!!

Ya'll come back now! Ya hear?!?!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Solyndra and the Green Energy Boondoggle

Another Federal Government boondoggle! Yes, folks another example of your "Federal Tax Dollars" at work. The Obama Administration was so anxious to find a "Green Energy" success story that they were willing to jump into an investment with a company that apparently had a very bad business model. Of course that is no surprise to most who have been paying attention to the Obama Administration's understanding of how the economy works and that is another story for another day.

Solyndra manufactures "Solar Panels." They lobbied very hard for a $535 million dollar loan from the "Energy Department" that you yes, you the taxpayer are now going to have to pay for because Solyndra has gone bankrupt. The Obama Administration insisted on loaning Solyndra the money and did not do basic vetting of Solyndra. Now there is a "Big Investigation" underway to see what went wrong and this may put the White House in VERY HOT WATER! For more on the investigation please click this link. Solyndra

Green Energy got a huge boost when the Obama Administration came to Washington but it did not start with them. It all started in 1970 when President Nixon proposed and Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is the marriage of Environmentalist and the Federal Government. Later that decade Congress passed and President Carter signed into law "The Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977" which created the Department of Energy (DOE). Although the DOE is responsible for regulating a wide range of energy it was created in response to the Oil Embargo by OPEC. Its primary purpose in the beginning was to get the United States off of foreign oil.

How has that worked out over the last 34 years? Not too good has it? Under the Obama Administration they have pushed a "Green Energy Policy" which is very reliant on Wind & Solar generated electric power and ethanol production. Let's deal with Wind and Solar power for now.

Wind Power

Wind power isn't new it has been around for centuries. It has been used to power grain mills, well pumps and even some electric power in the past among other things. Way back when Edison and others were beginning their electric power grid they did not use the wind as a source of energy. I wonder why? Well it is very simple. When the wind doesn't blow the turbines do not produce electricity. Basically wind was and is very unreliable and they needed a reliable source of energy 24 hours a day and so was born the Coal Powered Steam Turbines. Now they have been putting these giant wind turbines in places where the wind tends to blow most of the time. There is one problem with this. They tend to be in areas where migratory birds travel and many have been killed by the turbine blades. I wonder how the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) feels about that? If Wind Power was such a great idea the private sector would have invested in Wind Turbine companies and Wind Farms years ago just like they did with Coal Powered Steam Turbines.

Solar Power

The Space Program gave Solar Power Panels a big boost beginning in the 1960's. It was hoped that Solar Panel Farms would be able to produce enough energy during the day that they would have enough stored away for use during the night. Well this isn't working out quite as planned. Obviously Solar Panels do not produce electricity when it is cloudy or at night and this is a problem not to mention the fact that they take up a large area and use a lot of water. Of course if Solar Panel Farms were the answer to the problem the private sector would be investing heavily and they are not.

Hydrogen Power

What I find extremely interesting is that the Federal Government shows a tremendous amount of support for Solar & Wind Power but little or no interest in Hydrogen Power. Here is a question for you. What is the largest source of Hydrogen & Oxygen in the world? Give up? It is water and we have oceans of it. Water also falls from the sky in the form of rain, sleet, snow & hail. If the government is hell bent on Green Energy then why are they not funding Hydrogen Power. Simple, they cannot tax it and the Energy Company's cannot charge for it. Is it possible to run your car or house on WATER? Check out the videos below (from the late 1990's). Oh by the way the byproduct of breaking water down into HHO gas and burning it in a internal combustion engine is "Water Vapor" amazing!

Folks, don't get me wrong. I am not against "Green Energy." I am against our tax dollars being used to fund it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

United You Stand Divided You Fall

When running in a primary for your party's nomination to represent the Commonwealth of Virginia in the U.S. Senate it is always a good idea to attract as many people who are your natural allies as possible. When people endorse your campaign in my opinion it is up to you to take that endorsement and run with it. You should never complain that those who endorse you are not doing enough for your campaign. Apparently that is what has happened between Jamie Radtke, candidate for for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate from the Commonwealth of Virginia and Eric Erickson of Red State Blog.

Michelle of the Richmond Patriots has a great blog on what the Civil War is all about. I have posted it below for you to read.

"Jamie Radtke's endorsement problem or credibility problem, you decide.

There is a battle brewing in the Virginia GOP Primary for the U.S. Senate and this time it is not between candidate. It is between GOP Primary Candidate, Jamie Radtke and Red State blogger Erick Erickson. Here how it plays out, last January shortly after both Jamie Radtke and George Allen had declare there candidacies, Erickson weighed in with a hit piece on Allen and an endorsement of Radtke, which he stated that he wished both candidates well, but that he would be supporting Ms. Radtke.

So apparently the Radtke's campaign is having some sort of issue with with Erickson. Today in Politico ( this was posted:
  • Erickson told Allen’s challenger, Jamie Radtke, that he had to moderate his support for her because “my bosses are huge Allen friends,” according to an email he sent earlier this month, which her campaign manager forwarded to POLITICO.
  • The conservative media powerhouse Eagle Publishing, which owns the venerable conservative journal Human Events and the prolific Regnery Publishing, has published RedState since 2007. Eagle Publishing President Jeffrey Carneal contributed $1,000 to Allen's last Senate campaign.
  • Erickson, who prides himself on breaking with the GOP establishment, softened his stand after initially casting a conservative challenge to Allen as a key tea party test, and his shift offers a glimpse at some of the forces at work behind the partisan commentariat.
  • He entered the primary with a bang in January. Warning that Allen’s record had “serious problems” on “issues which are, for the most part, at the core of the tea party movement,” Erickson endorsed Radtke, a conservative activist.
  • “This race may be the big grass roots vs. party establishment race of 2012 and a test of the tea party’s continued momentum,” wrote Erickson, who is also a CNN contributor.
  • The endorsement, Radtke campaign manager Carter Wrenn said, gave the campaign a boost. But soon, he noticed that RedState wasn’t giving Radtke’s campaign much attention.
  • “The word came back to me that the people who own Human Events and RedState were for Allen and had asked Erickson to step back,” he said. 
Several things strike me about this, first why would Radtke's campaign even bring this up and second, could this be true. Well, shortly after a rebuttal was posted on Red State by Erickson "Regarding Jamie Radtke"
  • I was fortunate not to witness Jamie Radtke’s speech at the RedState Gathering. Fortunate because. . .well . . . here are reviews of her speech from various witnesses to the train wreck,
Here were some of the comments from his post:
  • I tried to cut myself with a butter knife, it was so horrendous and never-ending.
  • and she gets an invite, gets a nice slot to talk, gets drunk, and gets so embarrassing that I have to duck away rather than embarrass her further with interviewing her.
  • and I mercifully did not film it.
  • and I hadn’t realized that it was going to be her campaign speech, and then I was mesmerized by the train wreck.
  • and She was a drunk rambling idiot that took 30 minutes to introduce a director who himself was confused.
 So what was Radtke's speech at the Red State Gathering? Well she was not schedule to give a speech she was merely to give an introduction to Stephen Bannon, the director to the Sarah Palin film, "The Undefeated".

Erickson did however admit in his post that, "Actually, my bosses at Eagle Publishing do in fact have a relationship with George Allen, and a very good one, and asked me — after I endorsed her — to please go slow for once instead of shooting first and asking questions later."

O.k. going slow and backing off are two different things in my opinion. In the world of politics, especially in a race that is, at the time, over a year away going slow is a prudent thing to do. There are a lot of unknowns, like who else will be entering the race. But besides that I was reminded of a post from a local blogger who question Erickson endorsement of Radtke and documented this "shooting first" style.
  • See the potential problem for Ms. Radtke is that Erickson also has a record. In his case it’s a record of supporting Tea Party Candidates for the Senate. Let’s review:
  • In Nevada last year, Erickson started out supporting the candidacy of Danny Tarkanian who was running for the nomination against Sue Lowden, whom Erickson described as establishment. On May 11th, Erickson said “I’m with Danny Tarkanian and I hope you will be too.” But on May 19th he said, “If I’m going to be consistent in trying to get the viable conservative elected, the rule must apply in Nevada too and that means you should not be surprised if very soon I’m urging everyone to get on board Sharon Angle’s campaign bus.” Which he did, and promptly backed over Danny Tarkanian.
  • In California, Erickson was an early on supporter of Chuck DeVore, saying as late as May 5th “I’m staying with Chuck DeVore.” But just six days later he said “Look, if Chuck DeVore hasn’t gone up in the polls within two weeks significantly, I’ll be with Carly Fiorina.”
  • Move on to Delaware where in June, Erickson gave a lukewarm endorsement of Christine O’Donnell, “But this is one of those unique election years where anything can happen. ‘Anything’, in this case, is Christine O’Donnell getting elected. It could happen. I want to help make it happen. But at the end of the day, as long as Mike Castle loses I’m good.’ To Erickson’s credit, he admitted it was an uphill battle, which was a good thing because in September he said “I want Christine O’Donnell to win. Tea Party Express’s polling notwithstanding, I don’t think she will. And I cannot bring myself to spend an ounce of energy more to help when there are other candidates out there with better chances who need our help…I’m done and pulling the plug.” O’Donnell went on to win the primary, and was congratulated at RedState. But she lost the election.
  • In fact, all of these candidates once endorsed by Erickson lost.
You can read the rest of that post  Here.

This is not to say that Erickson is wrong in his assessment of Jamie Radtke but to illustrate that maybe he does have the tendency to jump in before all the facts are known.

Either way, it is still unclear to me why Radkte's campaign would even orchestrate such a hit piece on Red State and Erickson. In doing so, she called attention to her campaign misstep of a 30 minute introduction that was apparently so bad that there is NO video to be found. Which says A LOT about the poor people who were in attendance.

Radtke could have gracefully walked away and no one in Virginia would have even known about the event, instead she has stirred up a campaign problem. As Erickson said, her game may indeed be over.

Michelle did a fantastic job in putting together what has happened and her analyses is spot on!

As you can see the Radtke Campaign has made a HUGE tactical mistake and stirred up a hornets nest and that is never a good thing. Unfortunately everybody concerned has resorted to fighting with those who are their natural allies.

We in the Patriot/Tea Party Movement believe in Limited Government, Low Taxes, Balancing the Budget, Free Enterprise System, Restoring Constitution, and Rolling back the Socialist Programs. Every single person involved in this stupid Civil War may differ on how we get there but we ALL believe in the same principles listed above.

Will someone please explain to me why everyone and I mean EVERYONE involved are bound and determined to get down in the gutter, sling mud, pull hair, gouge eyes out, bite and kick each other?

Memo for the Radtke Campaign for attacking Eric Erickson and to Eric Erickson for doing a terrible job in responding. There are more important issues in this day and time besides your overly inflated EGOS. We are all on the same side so get up out of the gutter, shake hands, go clean off the mud and get on with the business at hand that is the defeat of the Progressive Democrats, Tim Kaine and his master Barack Hussein Obama II.

A little friendly advice for Eric Erickson, stop shooting from the hip and stick with and help those you endorse!

A little friendly advice for the Radtke Campaign, stop shooting yourself in the foot and alienating those who are your natural allies. You could learn something from the current Allen Campaign!

That is all!!!


UPDATE!!!!! 5:15pm 8/25/11

Apparently there has been a bit of a retraction by Eric Erickson at RedState. Below is what he posted on his blog this afternoon.

"Jamie Radtke tells Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics that she feels it is libelous for observers of her speech to say she was drunk as she says she was not drinking.


Jamie Radtke says she was not drinking and I will believe her.

That, friends, makes reports of her performance at the RedState Gathering even more appalling.

UPDATED: There is now a letter from the campaign lawyer demanding an apology.

Okay. I’m sorry I put up reviews of Jamie Radtke’s speech from people who saw it and thought she had been drinking. She says she had not been drinking. I’ll take her at her word for it. That does then suggest she needs some serious work on giving speeches if people who saw her speaking not under the influence presumed that she was under the influence."
This still hasn't changed a thing. I still refer them to my comments above!

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